Mastering public speaking tends to seem more difficult than it actually is. The major factor that makes public speaking more difficult is the fear of it. It takes courage to stand up in front of a crowd, no matter its size, and begin. But you should be less worried about fearing public speaking, and focus more on the language aspects of it.

In order to become a competent public speaker you need to be rather fluent in English, you have to be confident in the range of your vocabulary, and you should definitely possess ample communication skills. Don’t worry, with the help from English teaching pros from a San Diego English school in La Jolla, all this is achievable, Let’s see how. 

How can I speak well in public?

Fearing public speaking is normal, and many people experience it. However, there’s a lot you can do to make public speaking not only easier, but massively better. Here are our top X tips for excellent public speaking that will leave your audience stunned with your mastery.

  1. Know the audience – Know who you’re going to be speaking in front of, and prepare accordingly. If it’s for your family – be entertaining. If it’s for your bosses – be insightful and academic. 
  2. Rehearse – Even the most adept public speakers still do a lot of rehearsing before D-Day. Rehearse your speech days in advance to ensure everything transpires smoothly.
  3. Practice with distractions – When you’re practicing your speech, try turning on the TV, playing some music, or doing the dishes as you rehearse, so as to add some real-world challenges.
  4. Be yourself – When preparing to speak in public, make sure that the speech reflects you as well. Yes, you have to prepare for the situation and the audience, but try to spice it up with some “you”.
  5. Know your environment – Knowing where you’ll be giving your speech can greatly facilitate the entire process, as it will allow you to relax and become comfortable at the venue.
  6. Mirror is your friend – Stand in front of the mirror and act out your entire speech, letter to letter. Pay attention to your behavior, facial expressions, and gestures, and see if there’s any room for improvement.
  7. Slow down – Don’t speak too fast when speaking in public, as it will look as though you’re simply reciting a speech you’ve learnt by heart. Slow it down and make it sound natural.
  8. Eye contact – One of the most important aspects of speaking in public is making eye contact. This makes the members of the audience feel as if you’re addressing them individually. If you’re uncomfortable making direct eye contact, you could look at the center of their forehead instead, which achieves the same effect.
  9. Take pauses – Don’t just begin your speech, talk, and end it. As nervous as you may be, make tactical pauses. This makes the entire public speaking seem a lot more natural, while giving you plenty of time to relax.
  10. Humour is always nice – Depending on the situation, don’t overdo it with jokes, but always try to be a bit humorous, as it makes the audience more engaged in what you have to say,
  11. Be confident – Even though you might not be feeling all that confident, try to project as much confidence as you can. This will make the audience listen to you more attentively. 
  12. Stick to the time – As much as you might feel tempted to go over your time limit once you start getting comfortable – don’t. Good speaking etiquette is showing up, giving your speech, and sticking to your time.
  13. Ask for feedback – Finally, ask the member of your audience what they thought of your speech, what they liked, what they disliked, what you could improve, etc. This will help all your future public speaking efforts.

Why is the ability to speak in public a good skill to develop?

Knowing how to confidently speak in public is a great asset to have in your repertoire, no matter if you plan on giving public speeches frequently or not. There are many benefits to public speaking most people are unaware of, and here are the most important ones.

  • Knowing how to speak in public can help you advance your career at the right time.
  • Becoming a competent public speaker will give you a big boost of confidence once you manage to grab hold of the crowd’s attention.
  • Learning a new skill is part of continuous personal development.
  • Learning how to speak in public will help you further improve your communication skills.
  • Public speaking engagements are excellent places to meet new people and form new social connections.
  • Giving public speeches at the right places will also help you expand your professional network.
  • Public speaking demands quite the dose of innate leadership, and learning how to do it better will foster your leadership skills.
  • Learning to speak publicly on a variety of topics will massively improve your vocabulary and fluency.
  • Mastering public speaking skills will help you become a better listener.

What is the best language school in La Jolla & San Diego to help me with public speaking?

Public speaking can be a tricky skill to master, especially if you don’t have the right teachers helping you along. However, with the College of English Language, you’ll become a public speaking adept in no time. 

At College of English Language, we employ the most modern language learning techniques and combine them with cutting-edge tools and equipment and our extensive knowledge to provide an all-encompassing approach to learning English. If that sounds good to you, contact us today. We’re very near Pacific Beach, so you should have no trouble finding our school when in-person classes start, or you can begin right away with our online lessons.