Nathan B

Director of Language School


I am a from London. I have a Modern Languages (Spanish) degree, this led to my first experience of living abroad in Spain for erasmus. Since then I have enjoyed where this journey has taken me. I have taught English in Chile and in Spain. I am very curious by nature. I am patient and supportive to students and very good-natured. My hobbies include football and music. I enjoy teaching myself new things as I thoroughly enjoy the learning process.

Me as a Teacher

I do my best to instill the belief in students that they can reach their objectives using my own experience of learning Spanish and general passion for learning languages. I have experience teaching adults and teenagers (Cambridge exams). My experience covers grammar classes, conversation classes and business English classes.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

My ideas about teaching have evolved with time but my current ideas are based on the work of Stephen Krashen and his Comprehensible Input Hypothesis. “Comprehensible input is language input that can be understood by listeners despite them not understanding all the words and structures in it. It is described as one level above that of the learners if it can only just be understood.” Here is a video of Stephen Krashen explaining his Hypothesis. Please click on this link to read in detail about what I try to do with students.

My Teaching Material

  • PDF file
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  • Test templates and examples
  • Articles and news
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