Becoming fluent in English looks like a daunting task, and it certainly isn’t easy, but it’s far from unachievable. With the help of experienced teachers from one of the best English language schools in La Jolla, San Diego, you can achieve anything. They can drastically improve your vocabularyhelp you master communication skills, and even show you how to become a competent public speaker

All of these are different aspects of the same thing – being fluent in a language. Fluency does not come ex nihilo, you have to work for it. But that work should not be a chore, but an enjoyment, and it can be with the right teachers and the proper methods. 

Can I speak English fluently?

Yes, you can learn to speak english fluently, even though you’re not a native speaker of the language. Fluency is very achievable, and there is no reason to think that just because you originate from a different country you cannot become fluent in English. 

However, becoming fluently bilingual will require some work. And that work will sometimes be hard, sometimes demanding, and sometimes probably borderline excruciating. But all that frustration is infrequent and will soon make way to enjoyment, personal satisfaction, and downright happiness for getting closer to your goal of English language fluency.

There are a lot of techniques individuals can employ when trying to attain fluency in any foreign language, but we’ve decided to take on a different approach – to provide you with the essential tips that will greatly facilitate your efforts.

  1. Nevermind the mistakes – People often identify fluency and grammatical correctness as the same thing, when they’re not. You can make grammar mistakes and still be fluent, so focus more on your speaking skills and let grammar take the back seat for a while.
  2. Change your lifestyle – If you’re truly set on being fluent in English, try to do some of the following huge lifestyle changes:
  • Get a hobby or a job where speaking English is a prerequisite.
  • Speak only English with the members of your household.
  • Rent out a spare room to English language speakers you can then converse with.
  1. Accept the initial discomfort – In the beginning, you won’t feel comfortable speaking English, and that’s a fact. You’ll constantly feel under pressure, looking to avoid mistakes, stopping yourself from actually interacting with others. Try to move past this as quickly as possible.
  2. Get a one-on-one tutor – If we’re being completely realistic, achieving fluency on your own is not achievable in the majority of cases. You should definitely consider hiring an experienced English language tutor to help you along.
  3. Improve your pronunciation – As you start speaking more fluently, you should work on your pronunciation as well, as it is a big part of what makes the natives so enthralling to listen to. However, you should focus on your fluency only when you’ve already become a capable speaker.
  4. Learn phrases – The single biggest mistake English language learners make is learning individual words. Instead, you should entirely focus on learning whole phrases that will help you in real-life conversations.
  5. Mentally play out conversations – This one might sound a bit silly, but it 100% works, trust us. Play out entire conversations in your head. This will allow you to, through practice, say out loud what you were saying on the inside.
  6. Go karaoking – No, seriously, try singing. Languages are melodic, and singing in the target language can help you become a more fluent speaker. Also, singing in English will help you improve your pronunciation and diction.
  7. Use technology – Use all the modern technology you have at your disposal. That means watching films, browsing the internet, listening to podcasts and music, as well as trying to find native speakers willing to do some online conversing with you.
  8. Go easy on yourself – Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. Becoming fluent in English takes time. There’s nothing wrong with struggling from time to time. Just go with the flow, give it all you can, and you’ll get there.

What language school in La Jolla, San Diego can help me achieve fluency in English?

If you’d like to improve your English speaking skills and achieve fluency in the English language, you cannot hope to do it on your own. You need help from experienced English teachers who are able to employ diverse teaching methods for fostering fluency. And you won’t find better English language teachers anywhere else than at the College of English Language – the finest English language school in all of La Jolla.

We will do all we can to see you speaking fluent English in as little time as possible. Becoming fluent is demanding, but it’s far from impossible. We are your go-to language school no matter what kind of language advancement you’re looking for. Our school is situated not far from Belmont Park, so you can find us easily when the pandemic passes, or you can opt for our online alternatives. Whatever you want, we’re here for you.